Have You Been A Victim Of Car Dealer Fraud?

There are remedies under the law in California that enable consumers to obtain compensation against automobile and vehicle fraud. Vehicle fraud involves willful misrepresentations and misleading by the seller in a wide range of categories. The seller can be a private party or dealership.

At The Law Office of Lawrence J. Hutchens, our Los Angeles car dealer fraud attorneys understand the frustration that consumers face in these situations. We strive to ensure that consumers have a voice against large organizations. Clients trust our extensive experience and our depth of legal knowledge. Schedule a free consultation with a lawyer at our firm to discuss dealership liability or other issues.

We Will Fight Back Against Dealer Fraud

Our firm has been successful in representing clients in numerous fraud cases against dishonest dealerships and businesses. These cases can involve numerous instances of fraud, including:

  • Prior accident and damage nondisclosure
  • Odometer/rollback fraud
  • Failure to disclose "lemon" history
  • Failure to provide receipt of Spanish or another language translated contracts
  • History of rental vehicle nondisclosure
  • Lack of trade-in vehicle disclosure of negative equity
  • Failure to provide copies of signed documents
  • Selling of used vehicle as new
  • Inaccurate contract dates provided

Vehicle fraud applies to new, used or leased vehicles. If the seller misrepresented or omitted important facts during the sale of a new, used or leased vehicle, you have been the victim of vehicle fraud and may be entitled to several remedies under the law, including the full refund of your money, punitive damages, voiding of the contract and attorney's fees and costs.

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