Understanding Implied Warranties

Even if a product does not have a specifically documented warranty, it is still protected. All products carry an implied warranty that is based more on common sense than anything else. Consumers purchase items with the implicit understanding that the item will work and meet the needs of the purchaser. The warranty is implied rather than expressed in written paperwork.

The Los Angeles implied warranties attorneys at The Law Office of Lawrence J. Hutchens have extensive experience representing consumers who have purchased faulty or defective products. An express warranty provides direct and specific information regarding the product specifications, time periods and the steps that need to be taken if the product stops working. An implied warranty basically states that the manufacturer guarantees that the product is going to work. If the product does not work, it is a breach of the implied warranty.

What Is An Implied Warranty?

Every consumer goods sold in California comes with an implied warranty. This warranty is very powerful, and our lawyers can explain it in greater detail through a free consultation. Essentially, the implied warranty is a promise that your product is going to work in the manner intended. If it does not work correctly, you do not need to go through the reasonable repair attempts that are usually described in an express warranty. Discuss your situation in greater detail with a knowledgeable attorney at our firm.

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