Does The Lemon Law Apply To Boats And Motor Homes?

The fact that motor vehicles are complex is no excuse that they shouldn’t work. Consumers are protected from vague warranties and unrealistic repair requirements by the California Lemon Law. Not only does this legislation relate to cars, trucks and motorcycles, but it also covers motor homes and boats.

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We Represent Owners Of Motor Homes And Boats

  • Motor homes: A motor home is a very complicated vehicle with multiple systems running simultaneously. There are complex electrical systems, plumbing systems and propulsion systems that are relied upon at any given time. When there is a defect or fault in the design, manufacture or maintenance of one of these systems, a consumer can quickly become stranded with no way to get help.
  • Boat fraud: Watercraft can be just as complex as other motor vehicles but for a host of different reasons. Unfortunately, it is not common for mechanics or boat repair facilities to be subpar. This drop-off in skill and technology can add extra days and frustrations when the boat fails.

It is important to remember that these errors are not the consumer’s problem. If the vehicle was being used within specifications, the problem falls on the shoulders of the manufacturer or dealer. Our lawyers can ensure that you get the help you need, and that you have all the legal protections available to you.

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