Motor Homes

The manufacturer said the lemon law doesn’t apply to my motor home. Is this true?

Absolutely not. Your motor home is considered a consumer good under the California lemon law, and as such, you are guaranteed certain rights. If a manufacturer, through it’s authorized repair facilities, cannot conform your motor home to warranty (ie. make it work the way it should), the manufacturer is obligated to either repurchase or replace your motor home. This means they can choose whether to replace your motor home with a same or similar model, or they can refund your down payment, payments you’ve made, and pay off your loan. If the manufacturer refuses to do the right thing and offer to repurchase or replace your lemon, you may even be entitled to a civil penalty up to two times the purchase price of the motor home as well.

Understanding the RV Industry

The Recreational Vehicle industry is seeing an unprecedented focus on quantity over quality, leading to hundreds of thousands of lemons being sold every day. Don’t wait until it is too late- call us now for a free consultation regarding your RV lemon law case today!