Our recognized expertise in the area of motorhomes, travel trailers and fifth wheels makes us an excellent choice. We are small firm that gets big results. We have handled hundreds of RV cases over our 30+ years of service and have gotten outstanding results. The reasons are we are fine experienced attorneys specializing in this area and before RV owners decide to go the lemon law route they have experienced so much disappointment and frustration the cases are very strong. The manufactures realize that if they have a motorhome out of service for an extended period of time they chances at going to trial are very small. There are several factors that contribute to this:

1. The level of service at the authorized service center is not impressive.

2. Many times the repairs cannot even be scheduled for a lengthy period of time. This is due in part that there are so many buyers of motorhomes that need repair that the dealer cannot possibly get around to everyone.

3. The dealers have the motorhomes sitting for months at a time either waiting for the manufacturer to send parts or waiting for a technician to find time to work on it.

4. Although if you visit any website for a manufacturer they will promise that customer service is number one and they are committed to customer satisfaction that is not something that happens on a regular basis.

5. Many times the assembly at the plant is not done in a careful way and the inspections before delivery are not done with an eye to quality.

If you are reading this you know what we are talking about and we can help.

Our experience years in this field have garnered us high praise from other attorneys in this field and fear from the automobile and motorhome industry. This reputation helps us get the best results possible because everyone knows that if we don’t get what we feel is fair for our clients the manufacturers will be facing a jury of 12 people to which the manufacture can explain why it is OK to treat a customer who have given their faith and hard earned money and were treated so badly. This threat alone causes manufactures to give a premium so they can avoid that possibility at all costs.